Welcome to the first chapter of an exciting, adventurous and action-packed story.

Welcome to Dōshi (Comrade).On the coast of Japan, an abundance of species reside; most notably, the Doge and the Shiba Inu. These two, the greatest of the land, rose from poverty to become the leaders of their respective territories. They are able to take down anything that comes in their way with their unstoppable armies close behind.

The earliest believers who bet their livelihoods on the Doge and Shiba Inu clans rose from rags to richest themselves. Placing wagers on the lengthy duels these two factions involve themselves in, they too found immense success.

The rivalry between the Doge and Shiba is intense. Battles are long and hard fought. Both are strong. Both are wealthy. Both are successful. Neither can recall why they don’t like each other. But, still, there is a deep and firey vengeance.

One day, very suddenly and unexpectedly, a tsunami hits the coast of Japan. This disaster inevitably eliminates many members of the armies following behind the Doge and the Shiba.

In the wake of the tsunami, both of these fierce leaders find themselves stranded, side by side. They each cling to their raft, with no choice but to rely on one another for survival.

After a period of silence they came together and, through their desperate confessions discover that they are related. Bonding over this, they decide to go on a quest together. With the remnants of the respective armies that they possess, the power to build one massive, unstoppable army is undeniable.

Together, Doge and Shiba has built a battalion, unlike no other, Dōshi, and they are on a quest to find their lost family members.

The journey continues...